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Consider Infrastructure as a Service in Budget Planning

Nov 2, 2018

It’s about time for businesses to be setting up their 2019 budget and deciding what their IT expenditure will be. According to Forbes, a significant portion of IT budgets will be committed to the cloud. But what option will your business choose? Public, private, or hybrid cloud? And what services are best for your business? IaaS is a popular choice; read on to learn more about this option and its benefits.

Infrastructure as a Service and its Benefits

Infrastructure as a service is a class of cloud computing wherein the consumer can provision fundamental computing resources over the Internet without having to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure. They reap the benefits of cloud computing–broad-based networking access, rapid elasticity, scalability, and on-demand access–without having to manage and update on-site infrastructure. The consumer enjoys cost-saving benefits because the utility-based pricing allows them to use as much or as little of the computing resources as needed.


With Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) and the Cloud Computing Model, the capital expense of managing and controlling on-site infrastructure is converted to an operating expense. According to COMPTIA, IaaS has technical, operational and even competitive benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. But how do you know if IaaS is right for your business?

Is IaaS Right for Your Business?

This particular class of cloud computing may be just right for your business, and a good first step is assessing which of your business needs that IaaS can satisfy. If your business is small and has a limited IT budget, you pay based on what resources you use. With the infrastructure under the control of the provider, there is no need to pay for on-site equipment. If your company is trying new or experimental technical initiatives, you can provision access to computing resources as needed. Even with all these benefits, cybersecurity is still very much a consideration. Within IaaS, you would still need to decide if a public or private cloud environment is best for your business. For example, private cloud might be best if your business is subject to industry regulations such as HIPAA.

Infrastructure as a Service provides many benefits. If you need help determining whether it is the right class of cloud computing for your business, contact your technology advisor today.

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